Sidi Ali, a young, canned tuna brand with just a few years under its belt, wanted to emerge in a sea of “tuna sameness” by stealing the conversation from legacy brands during Ramadan.


Tunisians have an unconditional love of tuna, incorporating it into almost all their dishes – from pizzas and pasta to the quintessential tuna-filled sandwiches. Tuna for Tunisians is more than a mere ingredient, it turns any foreign dish into an authentic Tunisian delicacy. Since Tunisians add tuna everywhere to make their dishes authentically Tunisian, we associated ourselves with Tunisian cuisine to make them believe that for their dishes to be Tunisian, their tuna had to be Sidi Ali.


Introducing The Tuna Language: the very first language to revolutionize the terminology of Tunisian dishes by adding the suffix "tonn" – which means tuna – to the names of Tunisian dishes made with tuna.


Sidi Ali ranked 3rd among the most memorable ads during Ramadan, leapt 7 positions in brand awareness and snatched the #1 spot in market share, ousting a long-standing player from its perch.


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WARC Awards


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