Rural regions have always been neglected by telco providers. However, Tunisie Telecom took charge of connecting white areas to its mobile data network and thus provided mobile Internet access to more than 164 schools, 59 basic health centers and 180,000 inhabitants. Despite TT's efforts in terms of digital inclusion, rural populations remained excluded from the strong urban digital community.

True to its principles, TT considers it its responsibility to take advantage of its proximity to rural populations to include them in the digital landscape and leave a positive impact on them and more generally on society.


Tunisia is experiencing a real digital divide. The Tunisian digital community is dominated by city dwellers: the country's most followed influencers live in big cities, digital startups are created in metropolises and rural areas are somewhat disconnected.

Even after the coverage of rural areas by TT's mobile data network, rural people remained unfamiliar with digital devices and used mobile data very little.

Urban dwellers, kings of the internet, set trends while taking a dim view of rural people and their codes.

They dominate digital trends because they are digital natives and therefore digitally powerful.


We wanted to "do justice" to our rural subscribers and fully assume our role as rural champion.

We decided to abolish digital exclusion in an unconventional way: turn Rural into a TOP digital trend.

We first initiated a digital literacy tour to empower our rural subscribers. We then dedicated our Ramadan campaign to turn “second-class" rural clichés into trendy. And we partnered with the 100% digital media Faza to tell the story of how Tunisie Telecom is changing the lives of rural populations thanks to its mobile data network in a convincing way.


Our caravan increased digital literacy by 27% in the areas freshly covered by TT’s mobile data network.

Rural is definitely the trend of 2022: By turning a denigrated rural dialect into trendy lyrics, the campaign reached 55% of the Tunisian Facebook & Instagram population and generated unprecedented interest and an unlimited amount of user-generated content on social media.

During the 3rd week of Ramadan, Tunisie Telecom recorded a score of 10.3% in the Day-After Recall Test as well as a recall rate of 9.51%, by far the best scores in the category.

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