Leverage Vodafone’s sponsorship of the Irish rugby squad with the excitement of the most anticipated Rugby World Cup Ireland has ever faced. With so much competition on our screens during this time, we needed to stand out with a unique story that has yet to be told.


When you have connections that you can always rely on, you have the power to take on anything. So we had to ask, what is it that makes Ireland’s squad so dependable going into this Rugby World Cup? And where did their ethos of family and togetherness come from?


Head coach Andy Farrell has been responsible for changing the mindset of this squad. With his guidance, this Irish team have learned to rely on each other like family. So, we explored the moment Andy was first taught to rely on his teammates like family in 1980’s Wigan, and how he took this ethos to the Irish squad today. The story concludes in France with Andy’s words ringing true to the players as they prepare to walk out onto the pitch for one of the most important matches of their lives at the Rugby World Cup.

Vodafone Rugby 60 second ad featuring Andy Farrell, head coach of the Irish rugby team

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