Introduce cross-net only bundles under the OPEN strategy/creative platform, raise awareness for the new product and strengthen main brand KPIs.


Our insight for youth was: “I’m eager to be independent and be part of an open world. I don’t want to face barriers in my life. This includes communication with my friends. I want to be liberated and don’t want to think about what provider my friends are using.”

CU liberates cross-net communication, breaks voice barriers and helps youth develop a bigger community in the new “Open to all” era!


An open world is one in which everyone can be different, free to express themselves and free to communicate with each other. Communication unites us all beyond networks, labels, and borders! Being true to its OPEN philosophy, the brand promotes diversity, inclusiveness and equality and continues to inspire and motivate youth audience.

The campaign followed a 360-degree approach across different media and leveraged the digital and social media environments where the target audience lives.


The campaign consistently delivered robust performance above benchmarks and across KPIs, including 43M impressions and 88K ad clicks through digital channels, reaching 3.4M unique browsers (display) and 2M unique users (YouTube), and scoring strong viewability rates.


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