We are here to help you create advertising that harmoniously blends creativity, technology, and brand essence. We don’t just do advertisements; we craft immersive experiences that engage your audience on multiple platforms, ensuring your brand message not only echoes in the hearts and minds of your clients, but also sells.

Our goal is to create well-thought-out and cohesive strategies to maximize the impact of our clients advertising.

We design campaign ideas that work to create memorable value for a brand across the entire customer journey.

Let’s join forces and transform ideas into captivating visual and textual masterpieces that not only convey your brand's essence but also forge profound connections with your audience.

We design visual style and look & feel for user interfaces (UI) of websites, applications and portals. Learn more about our UX/UI services here.

We're your partners in crafting an online narrative that resonates, engages, and takes the social media world by storm.

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From the Future World

How we merged AI with high culture to illuminate innovation and dedication to the arts of a top financial brand

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Run Tour image 3

It Is a Pleasure to Run

ČEZ RunTour is not just about the race, it's more about the community

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Hippie Oba

Be Safe Collection

Fashioning safety with a crusade against online scams

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Milos Koci

Miloš Kočí

Chief Creative Officer

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Gregg Harper DSC 2685

Gregg Harper

Global Business Executive Creative Director

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Kristyna Ochvatova

Kristýna Ochvatová

Chief Strategy Officer

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Michal Synek

Michal Synek

Social Director

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Mauro Fardin

Mauro Fardin

Creative Director

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Tomas Novotny

Tomáš Novotný

Executive Creative Director

We Inspire Growth for Ambitious Brands

WPP PRAGUE campus by KIVA 19

We are the largest agency in the Czech Republic, and we specialize in creativity, CRM, marketing technology and global services in all areas of our business. We help major global brands adapt to a rapidly changing market environment.

Globally, we have 20,000 employees in 90 markets around the world. Our consulting services, multi-channel communications and deep customer experience enable clients to overcome their own business challenges.

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