The goal is to shift Puerto Ricans' mindset from traveling to winter destinations and instead encourage vacationing in their beautiful weather. The creative idea involves a film featuring a local remake of the classic "White Christmas" tune, showcasing the island's stunning white-colored destinations. This provides a playful nod to the stereotypical snowy Christmas but with a distinct local flavor, enticing residents to appreciate and explore the beauty of their own surroundings.

VT Blanca Navidad 30ss 2022 cc

Change the mindset of Puerto Ricans and lure them into vacationing in their beautiful weather instead of traveling to winter destinations.

What if White Christmas could be in Puerto Rico?

A film that, to a local remake of the classic White Christmas tune, presented all the amazing, white-colored destinations locals could enjoy in their island. A wink to the stereotypical snowy Christmas but with a local flavor.

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