Whilst improving its online store experience, the lasting economic impact of COVID on shopper behavior meant that Stockmann needed to refresh the role for a premium retailer in its markets – and to bring this to life in very part of a customer’s experience.


The quality difference between Stockmann’s exclusive collections and those available from other stores is most noticeable in the small details of design, material and construction. It’s what makes wearing or using a product more rewarding and makes each item a long-lasting investment, rather than just a purchase.


Rejuvenating a phrase from Stockmann’s heritage, we defined the brand promise as helping customers discover: A good life is in the details. The idea taps into Nordic values of quality over quantity, and on “living well” rather than ostentatiously.


The promise was brought to life coherently in-store and online, in advertising and loyalty programs, through an updated brand identity and seasonal campaigns. The idea also informed our work to reinvigorate the store’s annual promotions, and to help Stockmann create a more unified approach to its own brand collections.

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