In many markets, Kemppi is less well-known than established local brands, and more expensive than mid-priced but inferior machines. To create preference, and justify their premium among both dealers and welders, they needed to clarify the difference choosing Kemppi makes.


Most welding brands are primarily marketed in terms of robustness, yet welders see themselves as highly skilled craftsmen. The tools they use determine the quality, efficiency and even enjoyment of what they can produce.

Kemppi’s dedication to this craft means that – unlike most competitors – they still design, engineer and build every element of their products themselves, from the power circuits in the machines to the ergonomic torches. This capability is rooted in their history of invention, and enables them to continually build on what’s possible in welding.


We aligned the brand to the sense of purpose and pride that Kemppi share with their customers: in pursuit of the perfect weld. This idea helps to connect everything from product engineering to customer support, and from marketing to HR.


We work with Kemppi through all parts of their organization – refreshing the brand identity and company values; helping product teams to articulate customer-oriented value propositions; transforming trade materials from print to digital; and building campaigns to launch new product ranges worldwide.

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