Improve the Customer Experience for Kärcher customers and streamline the processes in their call centre.


We have recently completed the development of CX Fit Score 360° – our own tool for analysis and improvement of Customer Experience. And this was a perfect opportunity to use it.


Apart from using CX Fitscore 360°, we conducted a complete audit of the call centre. That involved direct observation, in-depth interviews with workers, mystery shopping and customer feedback analysis to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs. From the UX perspective we also analyzed phone calls, emails, SMS and chats. We could gain unique insights into the processes and identify specific areas to focus on to improve to CX.

We had 52 proposals, which we prioritized in a workshop with Kärcher later, such as:

  • Work more efficiently with the team's capacities and its integration across the company
  • Unify the use of multiple applications into one system to make it more user-friendly for specialists
  • Work with the customer's history
  • Handle frequent inquiries faster

The new query tagging system also sped up processing, whilst a new FAQ section was created on the Kärcher website where customers can find answers to their questions quickly.


In the very first weeks, the team generated 150 new orders, the time to handle customer requests was shortened, and the motivation of the team and employees rose. Now, Kärcher customer care centre is not just a place to answer phones, but also a consultancy centre for customers. It also handles emails, chat on the website and Facebook, together with customer service questions.

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