Win the biggest Ramadan race, which is usually led by the telecommunications industry, by finding the creative space that is both relevant to the regional occasion and considerate to the global situation. With virtual communication being the essence of connectivity that everyone is dependent on during the global COVID-19 lockdown, Vodafone, and its competitors’ role, became more significant than any other industry.


“We are a business, but we are also humans.” When COVID-19 hit the region days before our scheduled shoot, the team, including the agency, client and production, needed to re-think all aspects as partners. Our creative concept was relevant to the occasion and crisis, yet it wasn’t about making amends to serve the business; it was about prioritizing the safety of every involved individual. This conclusion led to a total rework of the project, a 10-day remote celebrity shoot from Cairo to Manchester requiring that no one leave the safety of their home and deliver a relevant quality campaign in record time.


The ‘Stay Home, Stay Connected & Entertained’ campaign because Vodafone will always connect the millions of Egyptians together through solace. In collaboration with our celebrities, we launched pre-Ramadan content to entertain our mutual base, which we revealed as their acts of consolation for the nation in our emotional core film. Showcasing our solidarity with social distancing, we sent sterilized cameras to the homes of celebrities, our friends and families. Using a shoot-it-yourself mechanism, all entities, guided by the director, connected through a video call to virtually lead the cast, shoot and edit an entirely remotely shot campaign that touched the hearts of millions.


Every Ramadan campaign has the same core objectives: break the YOY communication and business records. Being the biggest annual campaign, brand sentiment and affinity are critical attributes that heavily impact the industry’s NPS scores for the rest of the year. The commercial proposition, serving over 90% of the base, is the most revenue generating promotion of the year. The campaign has exceeded the industry record of +10M views in 24 hours, reaching 62M views in seven days. With a +1.2M engagement rate on social media platforms and breaking of promotional and business records Vodafone has exceeding all growth targets to date.

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