Tunisia is a welfare state that guarantees coverage for everyone, except the most vulnerable: Female farmers. These women cannot travel to enroll or keep-up with social security payments. Consecutive governments couldn't reach them for decades but national operator Tunisie Telecom believed technology could.


94% rural women have phones and are TT clients. Female farmers are a lot more present in the mobile landscape than in administration and they feel more at ease using a mobile feature phone than navigating the social offices bureaucracy. So instead of trying to educate female farmers to the intricacies of getting social coverage the old-fashioned way, it was necessary to find a way for the process to become better-suited for them.


“Ahmini” is a platform that decentralized the way female farmers, register and pay for social coverage. It simplified access to security and adapted it to fit within the simplest mobile commands.


After conducting a nation-wide ATL campaign and touring rural regions for 6 weeks, Ahmini delivered on its objectives and beyond.

- Registrations: We succeeded in getting 10k new registered women, which amounts to an increase of 18% overall.
- Awareness: The national tour stopped in each of the 24 governorates and were attended by almost 27k women.

11 Ministers joined the Ahmini road trip throughout the country. The Head of Government Youssef Chahed publicly endorsed Ahmini as a great initiative to empower rural women economically and socially and committed to further its reach during the upcoming years.

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