Ensuring your consumers find your products

Key to selling on Amazon is data mining and selecting the right sales tools. In general, you must distinguish between two types of sales campaigns: price promotions (which generate immediate sales), and keywords purchasing (which creates better visibility). Selecting the right sales tools, and running successful campaigns, is a combination of big data, know-how, hard work and smart media management. And Amazon have some great tools you can leverage.

Stand out with Amazon advertising

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers some great tools to help you stand out against the competition, and drive traffic to your product detail and branded pages. It gives you the opportunity to put your products and brand in front of additional in-market shoppers on Amazon. Whilst AMS includes paid for search, AAP is a programmatic solution - Amazon’s own demand-side platform.

  • It's vital to know how to leverage both AMS and APP to their full potential - we work with clients to do just that!

Enhance audience reach with Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy display and video ads. It enables you to access exclusive Amazon audiences and tap into your ideal shopper base, on and off Amazon.

  • You can programmatically reach audiences across both Amazon-owned sites & apps, and leading publishers’ sites through direct inventory from Amazon Publisher Services and 3rd party exchanges.

Know the size of the store where your products are sold

  • You would never put an expensive promotional display in a small store with no visitors. On Amazon, the same rules apply.
  • Don't waste your energy and money in slow-moving categories.
  • On a monthly basis, we analyse which subcategories are worth running promotions in, taking into account seasonality and sales potential.

Are your products on display? Are they top shelf or hidden?

Just like in offline retail, it's no good running a promotion if the product is not on display. Otherwise, you're promoting products where Amazon doesn't have the Buy Box. Before we run any promotion for you, we check all the data in Vendor Central in order to optimise your campaigns:

  • Is your product in stock?
  • Does Amazon have the right margin?
  • Does Amazon offer the best price?

And where do they appear? Every product on Amazon has a life cycle. Newly listed products need different promotions to bestsellers. We continuously analyse product ranking data to propose appropriate promotions for your products.

Brand store: your private showroom on Amazon

  • At last, a brand store on Amazon that consumers can easily access through headline search!
  • But make sure you're prepared, and have the necessary budget to run headline search campaigns all year, so that consumers can access your brand shop landing page.
  • Together with your marketing department, we'll build your brand store for you.

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