When it comes to eCommerce, customer experience offers brands and businesses a crucial lifeline to connect with, service and satisfy, their customers - especially at a time when businesses are under pressure to realise value from their online investments. When done right, the benefits are endless: reinforced loyalty, maximised conversion, improved differentiation and growth.

New thought pieces to improve your CX across key areas:

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CX: a vital recession-survival-strategy for digital retailers

We surveyed 500 commerce decision-makers to get their views on CX, their CX strategies, and the barriers they face, and how to overcome them to maximise growth.

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Content is king: how to recession-proof your eCommerce brand

It’s a challenging time for the retail sector, but when it comes to eCommerce, content offers a rare opportunity to maximise growth, increase sales and keep hitting your KPIs.

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Can your business afford not to have a design system?

The benefits of a design system are far reaching, and for brands big or small, the ROI can be both significant and immediate. Our experts share 11 tips to help get you there.

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Why Optimisation will save you money and deliver future value

In the context of CX, optimisation means making incremental changes, so customers find it as easy as possible to browse, buy and own products or services. We share 4 tips to get you started.

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Getting returns right: how to make the process painless

Pooling our experience of working with 50 of the world’s biggest retailers and our latest research, we outline how businesses should tackle the crucial matter of returns and win a share of customers’ wallets.

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Why your business should prioritise accessibility

When the topic of accessibility comes into the conversation, we often hear: “We’d like to look at accessibility, but we’ll tackle it later”. We highlight the significant market opportunity alongside 4 key reasons why a delayed response might cost your business.

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VML Commerce (fka WT Commerce) has been instrumental in helping us innovate and deliver a first-class customer experience, both on- and offline. This has set us up for growth for the next 3 years.

Russell Harte

Chief Operating Officer, DFS

Services to create optimised multichannel journeys that inspire engagement and transaction:

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Commerce Experience Design

CXD is a unique methodology to help you discover your customers' journeys, design the threads of these journeys, and shape your customers' future experiences.

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User Interface Design

Our UI designers create leading interfaces and designs supported by our end-to-end life-cycle knowledge. Clients benefit from a powerful visual presence and experience aligned to brand values.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Dedicated programs to test and validate new ideas without the guesswork, establishing a true testing culture for continuous improvement to enable rapid innovation.

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User Experience & Research

Through digital intelligence, we help businesses understand how their customers behave online. It’s the bedrock to establishing the right strategies and technologies to support their journeys.

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Content Design

We’re deeply skilled in developing content strategies that drive commerce. And our ongoing assessment of leading and emerging content technologies help you build valuable content into your site.

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