Our custom web analytics service

Data is a rich resource and every website has it in abundance. That's why website analysis and optimisation is where we make the biggest impact. We go beyond the numbers and hard data to make concrete recommendations. Then, we suggest and test improvements that increase traffic, responses to calls-to-action and sales.


We help you establish what you need to know through agreed goals, standards and KPIs.


Benchmark your site and share information about your website’s performance with your team using our regular reports. This will help to close any gap with competitors and plug funnel attrition.


Understand user journeys across your site through analysis, then monitor the impact of your changes.


We highlight where to target under-performing areas of your website to increase revenue.

Benefits of our online analytics service

Benefit from our custom web analytics for tagged solution design and auditing.

Work with a dedicated analyst for continual site improvements that really boost revenue.

Our tailored analysis identifies the biggest areas of opportunity for your business goals.

Implement only the most effective options and take data-driven decisions with our multi-variant testing.

We have worked with VML Commerce (fka Wunderman Thompson Commerce) to evolve Halfords.com in accordance with our customers' shopping habits and to ensure that our online offering is reflective of our customers' expectations. This investment has centered on improving search, convenience, service; and cross-channel optimisation.

Steve Lowe

Head of Service and Channel Developments, Halfords Group

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