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Social platforms have evolved, and selling has become an active function to capture shoppers - particularly millennials. Consumers can now buy directly from the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest - and do so in increasing numbers. sCommerce will soon make up a significant proportion of ecommerce growth, with around 90 million people a month already tapping Instagram posts to reveal shopping tags.

More and more people are discovering and finding products on social - and for the youngest demographic, it is the most important channel for this part of the journey, with 49% of consumers aged 16-24 using it, according to our latest independent research. This makes it a vital route for brands not merely to connect with their customers, but to sell to them too.

We motivate consumers to move from post to purchase quickly and effectively. How? By focusing on lower funnel activations.

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Social Commerce

We all know the power of social media as a space where people connect, share and seek inspiration. Social commerce extends this to create social spaces where people can buy, empowering them to buy on platform.

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Influencer Marketing

We create hundreds of influencer marketing campaigns a year that drive purchases. This includes the development of an influencer strategy and creative thematics, selection and vetting of influencers, content creation with influencers, full campaign management and end of campaign reporting.

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Social Strategy

We leverage data, insights, social media trends and consumer behaviors to develop strategies to guide our activities. This includes platform and content approaches, audience segments, content cadence, and more.

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Community Management

Our team of community managers provides around-the-clock support of social communities. They interact with fans and followers by both actively mentioning your brand and passively discussing it, its products, or its competitors.

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Social Listening

We utilize social listening to understand what is being said by your audience about your industry, brand, trending topics, and competitiors. Reports can be used to inform future strategies, content creation, or as a metric of program success post-campaign.

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Content Creation

We create eyeball-grabbing content that drives actions across platforms. This includes video, still imagery, GIFs, stop-motion animations, shoppable ads and more.

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Content Activation

We develop content calendars and posting cadence structures to guide your social presence. Our team manages posting to channels, works with community managers on responses and actively monitors post performance.

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Paid Amplification

Our in-house media team supports brand content as well as influencer content through media buys. This includes the boosting of organic content as well as the creation of dark ad campaigns.

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Five steps to great social commerce

1. Use influencers for aspiration. Choosing the right partner with the right positioning on the right platform will help accelerate brand awareness within social commerce.

2. Unleash user generated content. UGC is a goldmine for brands. Harnessing its power promotes community collaboration and peer feedback, helping engage customers and inspire purchasing.

3. Provide shoppable content. Give people something to buy! Even if most social networks don't yet offer true sCommerce, brands and retailers should dive in head first with products people can click to purchase.

4. Don't treat social separately from commerce. Ensure your social strategy has commerce goals. Then, get in quick, test and learn, and build expertise.

5. Take a platform-specific approach. Optimise content for different platforms with differentiated yet consistent messaging to capture the attention of your audience.

It's now vital for retailers looking to reach a wider audience to drive sales and growth that they're not only engaging with these audiences via social, but also enabling them to purchase on social platforms too.

Chloe Cox

Head of Social

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